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Are you renovating your bathroom? Or do you dream of replacing individual installations for the sake of renewal? Then you have landed in the right place. At, we sell quality products from reputable manufacturers, which is your guarantee of a durable product. We carry a huge selection of plumbing articles for the bathroom. Here you will find toilets from, among others, Laufen and Gustavsberg. In addition to toilets, you can also find everything you need in the form of various bathroom accessories and toilet seats on this page.

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Quality toilets - durable and stylish
On this page you will find a large selection of quality toilets from manufacturers such as Laufen and Gustavsberg. Our range offers toilets for wall and floor mounting. Common to the selection of toilets are the beautiful, stylish designs that fit into any bathroom. We offer simple designs that, with an understated expression, can be carried in all styles. We have accessories such as toilet seats that are perfectly adapted to the toilets. Here you will find toilets at favorable prices, where you do not compromise on quality.

At you can find all the fixtures for a nice and stylish bathroom, so you can create a minimalist and simple basis. It allows you to put your own personal touch on the bathroom, so that the bathroom gets a final finish touch. It also ensures that the bathroom remains current and beautiful for a long time to come.

Wall and floor mounted toilet
When choosing the right toilet, keep in mind that it is used many times over a very long period of time. Therefore, the toilet must be elegant, timeless, practical and not least durable. If you need to replace an old toilet with a new one, the existing plumbing must be adapted. If your bathroom contains an old floor-mounted toilet, it is most optimally replaced with a model that has a wider foot so that the screw holes are easily hidden. If you are in the process of a major renovation project, you naturally have several options. Here you can choose between both a classic floor-mounted toilet and a compact, stylish wall-hung toilet. With us you will find a wide range of modern toilet models, after which you can freely add a checked toilet seat just according to your preferences.

In recent years, wall-hung models have become more popular, and we at understand that. There are several advantages to these types of models. In particular, it becomes a lot easier to clean, due to the open space under the toilet. If you want to invest in a classic floor-mounted toilet, you can find many options on this page. Here at GSV, you will find floor-mounted toilets in different designs, sizes and with different kinds of mounting. Click on the individual product to read more information.

Everything for a new bathroom
At you can find all fixtures and plumbing articles in a minimalist style, so that creativity can unfold in terms of décor. At, we are able to deliver everything within plumbing articles. Here you will find high-quality furniture from some of the market's strongest brands. In our wide assortment of inexpensive plumbing articles you will find everything for a new and functional bathroom. We have everything from furniture, sanitation and fittings to everything necessary bathroom accessories.

Buy everything for a new toilet accessory at
If you buy furniture and accessories for the toilet at, you get products from the market's  strongest brands at attractive prices. We are competent and can answer any outstanding question. Are you in doubt about what to choose of toilet accessories? Then we are helpful with expertise, advice and guidance.

Contact us today and get advice and sparring in connection with your choice of toilet and toilet accessories. Fill out our contact form here and add your questions. We strive to answer your mail as soon as possible.