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Are you looking for quality spotlights and mounting accessories? Then you have with good reason found Daxtor A/S. Here at the shop, we sell 15 products from the company in Central Jutland, which as the first worldwide could send a legally mountable downlight insert to the market. Read on to find out why these industrial lighting products are at the forefront technically and visually.

Customer satisfaction is alpha omega

In the eyes of many, Kjellerup is just "a small hamlet," however, DAXTOR has since 2001 helped to emphasize what a thriving commercial city it really is and with its future-proof solutions has long since taken its place at the adult table.

Legislation, ease of installation and a smile on the face of the end user always get a place on the designers' plate when they design new lighting equipment. They know that a construction process means many balls in the air, and point their ears at every single feedback, so that installers continue to enjoy being able to install halogen light sources from below in the room in question, i.e. directly in the insulation material.

Indoor, outdoor and coastal – versatile light range

Lights, lamps and electrical equipment are available in many forms on bels.dk – our selection of DAXTOR is just a small sample. The company mainly manufactures lighting for industry, including led luminaires and led light sources for indoors and outdoors. In addition, the Furniture DL series consists of the most delicious LED furniture spots that can be connected in series, and whose clip system makes it significantly easier to center your downlight.

With the Easy 2-place versions in matt white or brushed steel, you get the option of lower installation height. The specially designed ring makes the spot appear smaller and more harmonious, but do not think that the light output is denied for this reason. The colour reproduction has also been given extra attention


Be careful to only connect with original DAXTOR driver, whether you need it for furniture, canopies or base cabinets!

Easy 2-Mount, especially ideal for living spaces, stands out for having fixed driver. If you need swivel spots, see Easy 2-use. For the cottage near the coast and beach, we can highly recommend Alu Line DL, whose parts are anodized and surface treated according to all the rules of CNC art.

Do you need a replacement or spare part for the spot?

Despite the entire 20,000 – 30,000 hours lifetime of some of DAXTOR's patented systems, you may need replacement parts such as gaskets. We are happy to pack everything you need for your light source. As it is not inconceivable to have different brands around the building, we point out that although the neoprene gasket kits are intended for easy2setup, they can be used for other models as long as the diameter is between 72-74 mm. This also applies to the 5-pin DAXTOR GU10 relief. Regardless of the thorough make and glow wire tests, you should always check the requirements for installation in overhangs and sunken ceilings. 

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