Electric heating

At Bels.dk you will find a large selection of electric heating for the home. We sell products from recognized brands at the best prices on the market. In our assortment you will find, among other things, electric heating radiators, frost protection, electric underfloor heating, sauna stoves and much more. The majority of our electric heating products are approved so that you as a private individual can install them yourself.

We always stock the most used products within electric heating. This means that they are ready for lightning-fast delivery, exactly when you need it. In addition, we deliver to both private and business. On this page you can see clear product categories, so you can quickly and easily find the products you are looking for. Should you come across an item that is not in stock, you are more than welcome to contact our knowledgeable service staff - and we will find a solution from there!

Keep warm with electric heating from Bels.dk
A good indoor climate can be crucial for well-being and well-being in the home. If the temperature is either too cold or too hot, it can be difficult to get comfortable on the sofa. At Bels.dk, we sell products that help both for heating and cooling. Below we provide a short guide to the different varieties of electric heating we can offer you.

Underfloor heating
Heating in the floor is a very attractive way to heat your home. There are many advantages of underfloor heating. For example, it is super nice to walk with bare feet, even in winter. In addition to this advantage, underfloor heating provides a good and even heat distribution in a room. At Bels.dk you will find electric floor heating mats that can easily be adapted to the applicable area. You can also mold the mats under a tiled floor. If this is the case, use a thermostat designed to control underfloor heating. Underfloor heating gives off 1 kWh of heat for every 1 kWh of consumption.

Heat pump
The heat pump is an energy-efficient way of heating the home. A heat pump consists of two different parts. One part is for indoors and the other for outdoors. A great advantage of the heat pump is that it heats your house in winter and cools it down in summer. A good heat pump can give off up to 4 kWh of heat for every 1 kWh of power it uses. You can find our heat pumps here.

Electric radiator
Electric radiators are suitable for heating smaller areas, such as a holiday home. At Bels.dk you will find a large selection of radiators to suit most needs. Our selection covers, among other things, different types at good prices.  Like underfloor heating, an electric radiator emits 1 kWh of heat for every 1 kWh of consumption.

Do you need electric heating out of the ordinary?
Then you've come to the right place! At Bels.dk you will also find sauna stoves, hand dryers, a large selection of heating for outdoor areas and fan heaters. Whether you are looking for an upgrade to the terrace, hand dryer for the local sports club or a sauna stove, you can find it here at GSV. We sell electric heating from renowned manufacturers such as Vega, Dan Dryer, Thermex and Dyson.

Electric heating for private and business
Do you dream of building your own sauna at home, or do you need a new sauna stove for your local sports club? Whatever the case, we are ready to advise you! An important thing to keep in mind when buying electric heating and sauna stoves is how big the effect is. Power in relation to electric heating is expressed in kilowatts. The higher the power, the more heat is produced. You can read more about this under the category 'sauna stoves'. Our products meet all safety requirements. Under each product category, you can see the number of items we have left in stock. In most cases, it will be no problem to supply a larger batch of electric heating.

Buy electric heating from Bels.dk and have it delivered right to your door!
At Bels.dk we have day-to-day delivery. Therefore, you can order electric heating from us and get it home already tomorrow! Simply order the desired item(s) before 17:00. We always deliver right to your door, regardless of the size of the package. In addition, the shipping price is also the same, regardless of size - it doesn't get any easier!

Click around on the different categories and find what you need. We always strive to deliver professional solutions at reasonable prices. You will find quality-assured and durable products in our range. If you have any questions about buying electric heating, you are always welcome to contact our staff, who are ready in our online customer service.