Electric underfloor heating

At Bels.dk you will find a large selection of electric floor heating cables and electric floor heating mats for your home that you can use for efficient heating of your floors. Both cables and mats are easy to install and are ready to be cast directly into the floor. See our selection of electric underfloor heating on this page.

Electric underfloor heating - Efficient heating of your floors

Electric underfloor heating is an easy and efficient way to heat a room, such as the bathroom. It is also very comfortable to warm your feet on a floor that can normally be very cool, such as a tile floor in the bathroom. In all other rooms, you might be able to solve the problem of cold feet by just putting on a pair of warm socks. But that's just not really an option when you get out of the shower and just have to dry yourself with your towel before you can get clothes on your body again. Therefore, it can be very nice with electric floor heating, which provides heat directly to your feet and on to the rest of your body.

Electric underfloor heating usually also feels warmer than other heat sources, because it heats up the feet, which is probably the part of the body that is most sensitive to cold. With warm feet, the rest of the ambient temperature will also feel warmer. In addition, there is also the thing with temperatures that heat rises upwards. So even though a comfortable room temperature can be measured in a room, there is a risk that the floor seems a lot colder than the ambient air in the rest of the room.

What is the price of electric underfloor heating?

The price of electric underfloor heating varies greatly and may depend on a number of different factors, for example:

  • floor type
  • The size of the room to be heated
  • How well insulated your floor is
  • What type of electric underfloor heating you choose

Can you use electric underfloor heating as a primary heat source?

In some homes, you may want to use electric underfloor heating as the primary heat source for heating the home. It also has its advantages, as underfloor heating naturally takes up less space, both physically and visually, than traditional radiators, for example.

However, it can be a costly affair when choosing electric underfloor heating as the primary heat source, and many will therefore only choose Having underfloor heating in individual rooms of the home, for example in the bathroom. Here, on the other hand, it can also be a great advantage to have heating in the floor - even though it may be more expensive than having a radiator. But here the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. After all, who doesn't hate stepping out onto an icy tile floor right after getting out of the shower? Tiled floors can be difficult to keep warm, especially in winter - even if the ambient temperature can be measured to be at a comfortable level.

Electric underfloor heating cables or electric floor heating mats?

For example, you can choose between electric underfloor heating cables and electric floor heating mats, each of which has its own advantages. However, both types have the advantage that they are intended to be cast into the floor. It is thus an easy and quick way to establish electric floor heating. In addition, both cables and mats have the advantage that they have a low building height, which means that it is easy to install underfloor heating both on the ground floor and on the first floor.

Electric underfloor heating cables

Underfloor heating cables have the advantage that you can get them in many different lengths, depending on how large a floor area they need to cover. It is thus a very flexible way to establish underfloor heating.

Electric underfloor heating mats

Underfloor heating mats are also available in different sizes, and are an extremely easy way to establish underfloor heating in the home. They do not have quite the same flexibility as the cables, but on the other hand, it is easier to get an evenly distributed underfloor heating with a heating mat, and then they fit into the vast majority of rooms.

Remember to buy thermostat with

In addition, remember to buy thermostats to control the heat, as they are usually not included. With a thermostat, you can regulate the heat so that the floor is always at the right temperature, whether it's summer or winter, or morning, day or evening. The ambient temperature changes all the time, so the temperature from your electric underfloor heating should of course also be able to do so.