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Explore Our Range of Electric Air Curtains for Ultimate Comfort

Welcome to our selection of electric air curtains, designed to provide you with a superior heating and cooling solution. Air curtains are a versatile and efficient way to maintain indoor comfort by creating a barrier against cold drafts while allowing easy access. Whether you need them for commercial spaces, offices, or residential settings, we have the perfect solution for you.

We are proud to offer air curtains featuring top-quality craftsmanship, with THERMEX as our trusted manufacturer. THERMEX is renowned for their commitment to cutting-edge heating technology, ensuring that our products are reliable and efficient.

Beyond temperature control, our electric air curtains prioritize energy efficiency, minimizing heat loss and reducing energy costs. Explore our extensive range of options in this category to enhance indoor air quality, prevent drafts, and create a cozy atmosphere wherever you choose to use them.

  • Thermex Lufttæppe cor 1000 n-6 til el  - Billede 1


    SKU: 8413893182791
    Price per Styk
    Special Price €2,366.31 €1,893.05 Regular Price €2,472.39
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  • Thermex Lufttæppe cor 1500 n-9 til el  - Billede 1


    SKU: 8413893182951
    Price per Styk
    €3,029.68 €2,423.74
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  • Thermex Lufttæppe cor-1000 n-6 til el fjernbetj.  - Billede 1


    SKU: 5703347301438
    Price per Styk
    €2,744.90 €2,195.92
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  • Thermex Lufttæppe cor-1000 n-9 til el fjernbetj.  - Billede 1


    SKU: 5703347301445
    Price per Styk
    €3,546.61 €2,837.29
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