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Electrical components for private consumers and professionals

We have quite a few 100 years of birth years among our suppliers – one of them is Elworks A/S, formerly Bruhn & Hansen, which sells components for the home and industry. Elworks DETAIL covers everything in switches, work lighting and lamp equipment to name just a few product groups. Elworks PRO includes: Caterpillar and Dribox. Both areas of activity are your guarantee of quality and continuous development.

It was not only Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando who experienced increasing popularity in the population in the 50s, we Danes also began to dare to dream big. People no longer had to follow in the footsteps of the family, but had freer educational opportunities. The job market became more stable, throwing off more material goods and electrically powered products.

The Group's Chinese factory Elworks Manufacturing Limited opened its doors in 1997 and employs 200 people. Internationalization really took off in the 00s, and then the company changed its name to what you know today.

Electrical articles produced with care for society and the environment

Can production and competitiveness go hand in hand? It can for this limited company. Sustainability is a natural part of their long-term growth strategy, which is why they continue to debate the balance between finances, planet and shared responsibility in collaboration with employees. This is happening in line with consumers' increasing demand for green solutions and the ever-increasing research in the area.

The company encourages all subcontractors to put environmental issues on the agenda. As part of the green mindset, they are obliged to comply with the WEEE Directive. The membership of the non-profit organization, Elretur helps to ensure that electronics and hazardous waste such as batteries are safely deposited. Through this, Elworks draws on the latest knowledge about circular economy, recycling and resources.

Bels.dk – your professional Elworks dealer

If you need ceiling rosettes, cans for plate and gasp ceilings in the LV series or accessories such as a support iron for mounting on or between rafters, we can help you at good online shopping prices. We are happy to deliver larger batches of VD215 and VD315.

Installation of Elworks front socket

Despite great professional expertise, we can all be in doubt when dealing with electricity and the fastening must meet certain requirements. If it's been a long time since you've had this type of front canister (VD315) in your hands or maybe it's the first time, we can understand if you scratch your hair a little thoughtfully. The same goes for rosettes – more on this below.

The design is super strict on both wall-in and front sockets, but the cable has its limitations in relation to weight, which is why some form of relief is needed.

The outside of the can is where the cable relief should be put in and the cans, yes they simply slide together after you remove the forms. If you are dealing with 1.5 modules for wall, you can find help in the drilling instructor of the product instructions.

Assembly of the Elworks rosette

What do you do when there is already a lamp outlet? Always start by disconnecting the power in the meter and switchboard. Remove 3-5 cm of the wire sheath and then de-insulate and twist the copper ends (max. 6 mm stripping!)

All copper ends are securely clamped – and the screws are tightened. Check by dragging the conductors. And remember that the green/yellow conductor only connects when there is an earth symbol.

The outer part of the insulation must be fixed under the relief band. Grab the screwdriver again and pull the cord to make sure it sits as it should. Finish by screwing on the cover.  

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