Fmm - Mora 9000E Tronic vandhane med sensor

FMM 9000E Tronic for both battery and mains operation with optional temperature control options.

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Description / Fmm - Mora 9000E Tronic vandhane med sensor


Fm Mattsson 9000E Tronic chrome, electronic washbasin faucet without bottom valve

With temperature grip that can be temperature limited.
Vandal-proof metal exports.
Eco (Energy and water-saving aerator 5 l./min)
Limited flushing time, prevents flooding.
Optional flushing time, max. 30 sec. when activating sensor.
Deactivating the sensor for 60 seconds (used e.g. for cleaning)
Low power consumption - Long service life
Possibility of flushing with hot water against legionella.
IP sensor, IP67
Eco-friendly materials, Lead Free (lead-free), Nickel-free
Easy installation and service.
The temperature can be locked to a desired temperature, then the grip is replaced by an included stopper.
Can be adapted for battery operation 6V or mains operation 12 V AC/DC.
For mains operation, battery eliminator FMM no.: 1623-0000 (included in selected models), as well as transformer FMM 1619-4000 alternatively MA FMM 1619-3000 are used.
Flexible connection hoses in metal braided Soft-PEX®, G3/8.
luminaire height 145mm spout protrusion 108mm

Adjustable temperature limit.
Possibility of sanitary rinse.

  • 9000E Tronic Electronic Washbasin Faucet

Fmm - Mora
Fmm - Mora

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