Oras Electra elektronisk hv vægarmatur 6v

Touchless faucet for wall mounting with swing spout and temperature control. Incl. 6V battery.

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EAN 6414150052484
Supplier no. 0270005686
Type no. 6179
VVS No. 704284004
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Description / Oras Electra elektronisk hv vægarmatur 6v

Oras Electra (6179) Washbasin faucet, 6 V. Colour: Chrome-plated.
Touchless wall battery with swivel spout and aerator with water limiter.
6 l/min and temperature regulation.
The temperature lever is equipped with scalding barrier that can be exceeded by pressing the button down.
Technical data: Working pressure: 100 - 1000 kPa. Battery: Lithium 2CR5 6 V. Protection class: IP 55. EMC Directive: 89/336/EEC. Smart postmaturity. 3 s ± 2 p. Max. running time: 2 min. Sensor area: 40 cm (40/50 cm). Noise class: I (ISO 3822). Pressure loss (0.1 l/s): 200 kPa. Flow rate at 300 kPa (with water flow limiter): 0.1 l/s. Hot water temperature: max. 70ºC. Open area 0 - 5 cm.


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