Good craftsmanship starts and ends with good hand tools. The preparation, including a well-stocked toolbox, makes up half of the work for the do-it-yourself people, but especially the professional, who has both customer requirements and professional standards to live up to. All other things being equal, the work process and the end result become more fun, more precise and visibly satisfying with quality tools in your hands. Here at the shop, we have selected a wide and market-leading range of hand tools from, among others. Bahco, REMS, Hultafors, Uponor, Ravendo and Kaiser to name but a few of the quality brands we carry. 

Bels.dk – your supplier of hand tools for do-it-yourself and business

Not all types of crafts can be done by machines. To get the optimal finish of, for example, wood for your dream carpentry kitchen, manual handling with the right planing is required. If you need to file or saw the metal material precisely, screw in cars with many nooks and crannies or work accurately and gently with plasterboard, we have everything you need of hand tools.

Get an overview of the hand tools

Hand tools can be a bit of a jungle if you don't have much craftsmanship experience. Here we will try to give you insight into what some of the common hand tools cover and what types of tasks it is intended for:

Bits and bit holders

Although you may not be the type to build carports or assemble fitted wardrobes yourself, you, like most households, probably still have a screwdriver lying around. Your screwdriver will be more versatile with a good assortment of bits and bit holders (link?). Bits come in different types and sizes depending on the screws the task requires. A stock of 10-20 of these "steel gizmos" with straight slot, cross slot and torx can solve most basic construction and assembly tasks. In bels.dk, Bahco is among our preferred suppliers of bits sets, which with its 130 years of experience is guaranteed to help you safely through maintenance, repair or new construction. See also Bahco's solid selection of top wrench sets, ring forks and wrenches here at the shop. Of course, we also have practical sets of umbraco keys for the hexagonal screws you often come across when, for example, furniture needs to be assembled or disassembled. With Wera Werk, Makita, TECOS and WIHA, you won't be down on bits and screws for many years to come.  


Boards are an amazing natural material, and therefore they are not the same. For example, if you have a strip that just needs a few mm to fit, you can easily adjust the length or thickness with a hand planer. Use sandpaper afterwards to get a neat finish surface. We carry both plaster and falsplanes from Stanley. Also take a look at Bahco's extremely impactful tuning iron.


With the right hand tools, it doesn't matter that you might have "10 thumbs." If the dresser drawer is worn to pieces, a crank or vice can act as an extra set of hands when you need to glue it, for example. We have collected a wide selection of screw blades. For professional welding, we recommend pliers from GEDORE and Irwin.     

Tape measure and angles

Crooked angles have their charm in the older farmhouse, but are rarely practical in relation to furnishing and installing various plumbing or electrical items. With a spirit level, carpenter's angle and a pocket-sized magnetic tape measure, you are dressed basally when, for example, shelves need to be hung, new floors or decking boards laid. With angles from Hultafors, you can easily line off items that need to be cut straight or check if the corners are in the right. 


A crowbar or "crowbar" is not only to be found under the arm of burglars, but rather an indispensable piece of hand tool in connection with demolition work. Large nails and screws are easily pulled out and disassemble materials with significantly less muscle power from you. Find both the large, powerful and small ingenious crowbar from Hultafors in hardened high-alloy boron steel in our range. 

Ergonomic hand tools make a difference

Many years as a craftsman wear on the body. Think, for example, about how often during a working life you as a carpenter have hold of the sledgehammer. Using a cleft, this all-round hammer can also be used to remove nails that might otherwise take away most people's working spirit. The money saved on cheap hand tools risks costing in the end. The durability and production costs of tools deteriorate, but also your effective working time and human physique if it is unnecessarily heavy and lies dirt in the hand. At a time when more people are expected to stay longer in the labour market, clumsy tools should at least retire early. Bels.dk contains a selection of the many ergonomically innovative solutions available today in hand tools.  We strive to cover you and your toolbox for the most common craftsmanship tasks - and the more special ones at always good prices and with typical delivery from day to day. Our range ensures you better grip on the tool and relieves your muscles and joints - and above all reduces damage to body and material. Invest in hand tools that accompany you on the job for many years to come and create increased job satisfaction and air in the economy.

Get more value for money with hand tool kits 

Top wrench sets, yes hand tool kits in a broad sense, are indispensable in almost all types of crafts and make task solving efficient, flexible and cheaper in the long run for both the mechanic, carpenter and plumber, Since they always have a wide assortment of keys, tops and pliers at hand. Despite certain standards, you never know with 100% certainty which bolts and screws will need to be loosened and tightened when new tasks call, and buying the parts individually can therefore be quite cumbersome.  At bels.dk, we sell you the best in hand tools – our suppliers beat your head cist on the nail on what hand tool kits should contain and provide ergonomic and quality benefits to make your construction project even cooler.  

Large selection of hand tools and measuring equipment

Are you often missing a certain piece of hand tool, or do you often borrow measuring equipment from friends and family? At Bels.dk, we have made it easy and manageable for you to find all the hand tools and measuring equipment you need. On this page you will find:

  • Hand
  • Measuring instruments
  • Lighting
  • Gas burners
  • Tensile and search springs

Our range of hand tools offers both top wrench sets, screwdrivers, pliers and much more. Whether you need to hang a picture, tighten a few screws or assemble a new piece of furniture, you will find all your tools here at GSV. To make it extra easy for you, we of course also have a huge selection of smart measuring equipment that makes it even easier for you when you make measurements.

The electronic rangefinders not only save you time-consuming measurements with thumbstick or tape measure, but are also an extra help with other tasks in the home. The handy meters can help you measure heights, measure up to pictures and new windows, or measure the size of a wall when painting. There are many options with meters that you can enjoy in your home.

All in hand tools for your construction project

Your work will be faster and easier with just the right hand tools of good quality. A good and solid job often requires a large amount of tools, so you have the right equipment for every conceivable purpose. We have the tool for you, both when you need a kit with many options, but also when you just need a single screwdriver or pliers.

Do you need a set of tools in different sizes? Then you should take a look at the range of top key sets, bit sets and fixed key sets. With the practical kits, you always have a suitable hand tool close by, well, your hand, because here you have your very own selection of tools in different sizes. At the same time, keeping your tools in order is a breeze, as the kits often come with practical storage boxes.

If you are just missing a single pair of pliers, hammer or file, we of course also have a well-stocked selection of tools in different sizes and from recognized brands, such as Bahco.

Precise measurements with electronic measuring equipment

Electronic measuring instruments are the best helper for a variety of purposes. You've probably often tried measuring with an inch stick and writing down the measurements on a piece of paper. It is often cumbersome, and it does not take much to calculate a bit alongside. With measuring equipment, the cumbersome work is over, because not only do the instruments measure with extreme precision, they also keep track of the measurement results for you.

Most equipment for measurements is equipped with additional features that are of great benefit to you. Of common functions, it is worth mentioning memory, because most instruments can store your latest measurements. In addition, most people can calculate surface areas and volume, which is incredibly practical when painting walls, for example. Here, instruments with these features can help you calculate how much paint you need.

Measuring instruments save you a lot of precision work and make it easy for you to measure and calculate for measurements and the like.

Buy your hand tools and measuring equipment from Bels.dk

At Bels.dk you will always find a carefully selected range of hand tools and measuring equipment, because you can never have too many tools. We have just what you need, whether you are working on the big construction project in your home or if you just need an extra screwdriver when assembling furniture.

Do you have specific questions about our selection or need help? Then we are always ready to help you. We care deeply about you getting the best service. Therefore, all our customer service takes place in writing, to ensure you the best help. You write to us by e-mail info@bels.dk and we will reply to you within max. 24 hours.